Sunday, October 29, 2006

Duncan Memorial

Dear friends,

HIPA (Hungarian International Press Association) has organised a time and venue for a memorial service in memory of Duncan Shiels who, many of you know, recently passed away.

This will happen at 3:30 pm Friday November 3 at the British Embassy. We will have a hall on the ground floor adjacent to the Bank Hall. Anyone who knew Duncan is welcome and we hope to see many of you there.

Anyone wishing to attend must send me their name by Wednesday. Security rules require that all events have a guest list.

Please, please spread the word, along with my email address (chris.condon at ft dot com). Send emails with the subject line: Duncan - embassy

Also, please contact me if you wish to help organise this event - or simply to offer a suggestion on what we should include in the event. At this point we have merely taken the initiative to organise a place and time for friends and colleagues to come together to remember Duncan. Perhaps it would be best if those who knew Duncan best made some suggestions on what kind of event takes place.

This invitation for suggestions applies, as well, for good friends who cannot attend the event but might know what would be appropriate.

Also please understand that this event is not meant to supplant anything else that might be in the works here in Budapest. Just consider it another chance to honour Duncan's accomplishments and remember his friendship.


Chris Condon


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