Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Remembrance from Raj Rajendran

You could never get a comma in the wrong place or mix up your tenses when Duncan's on duty.

That's how I'll remember the best part of Shiels, the most rigorous and detailed sub there was—never one to let a shoddy copy on the wire but there was more to the man.

This I discovered not after spending about four years on the energy desk at Reuters with him in London but over the many pints we shared.

His moment in the spotlight getting on the big screen after stumbling on a movie shoot in India opposite (it was someone very famous…am sure someone can fill in the gap here), his meeting with Cloughie or the ambition he had on writing the book about the Rajk brothers. I am very happy to find out that he did achieve this.

Duncan's varied life always amazed me, from fronting that crazy band (which he made all of us listen), to his time on the Foundation and his youthful challenges on the footie pitch.

We always welcomed Duncan back from his regular trips to Hungary as it inevitably meant that there was a big fat slab of salami and fresh baguette on the common table.

It seems like only yesterday that we sat down for a few on his way out of Reuters plotting his new life in Budapest.

I will miss those chats and sadly as with many people we meet at points in our life and form strong momentary relationships, we typically fail to stay in touch but will always recall the time spent very fondly.

Duncan if anything I'll try to bring some of that zest for life you had into mine.

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