Monday, April 07, 2014

New Tree in memory of Duncan

This is a picture of a tree that Erika planted just in front of her apartment balcony.

I wanted to get this up earlier today but I couldn't do it until just now.

Let's all wish Duncan what would have been his 61st Birthday - today, April 7, 2014!

You are forever in our memories!

Erika is planning to organize a get together sometime second part of May at her place if anyone wants to come and see the tree and have drink on Duncan. I will send an email out about that on the Duncan list as soon as the date is set.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Kind words from Nick Holdsworth

I recently received the lovely message below from Nick Holdsworth who joins us in remembering our dear friend:


Dear Joshua,

Although it is now nearly 3 years since Duncan died I only just learned this sad news in Venice last week when I ran into Dorka Gryllus, the Hungarian actress, who was a mutal friend of both Duncan and mine.

I had thought it only a couple of years since I last saw Duncan in Budapest but realise now it must have been January 2006 when I was there the Hungarian film week.

Duncan was someone whom I only ever saw when in Budapest from time to time, but considered him a friend who, had I spent more time in Budapest, would have undoutedly become a closer friend.

I am immensely saddened to hear that Duncan is no longer with us and would be glad if that could be communicated on the blog in his memory.

best wishes


Nick Holdsworth
Writer, author, journalist, filmmaker
holdsworth.nick at gmail dot com


Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Umberto Eco The Star but Duncan Shiels Remembered

Umberto Eco The Star but Duncan Shiels Remembered, Andreea Anca's article in the Budapest Sun about the launch of Duncan's book!

Monday, April 30, 2007

Duncan's Football Match

Here they are, at last, for the delectation of football connoisseurs, occasional fans and all lovers of the middle-aged male form, pics from the game we played in memory of Duncan on November 19th 2006.
It was surely the kind of day that Duncan loved: great weather, some, er, spirited football and a dramatic, come-from-behind victory for the team led by Capt Shiels - in this case Evan, Duncan's nephew - before some intensive post-match analysis in the pub.
Enjoy the pics and marvel at the athleticism of these titans, who are now doing battle in Budapest for the inaugural Duncan Shiels Trophy.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Birthday, Duncan!

from Erika & Adele, at the Duncan tree, on what would have been Duncan's 54th birthday, 7 April 2007

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Hungarian book launch

Friday, March 30, 2007

Au revoir, Duncan

from Sabine:

Dans les bois d’Esher,

Des portes se dressent entre les arbres couchés

Morts ou Vivants

Morts et Vivants

Les arbres dans leur sommeil jaillissent jusqu’au ciel

Dans le bruissement subtil des petites feuilles


Secoué, tendu, alerte

Le vent me montre le passage

Celui des ans, celui du temps

Infini qui poursuit son chemin


Des longs corps blancs

Couchés par l’ancienne tempête

Des membres éteints

Poussent des branches nouvelles

Au feuillage argent

Tout droit illumine le ciel


Sur grandes brisures,

Hautes couronnes de bois plantées

Courent champignons grands et petits, blancs tachetés

Rouges, jaunes et orangés

Parterres de couleurs éveillent

Jardin des merveilles

Les Anciens racontent

Du cimetière des bouleaux s’élève la vie


Avant ton départ, tu me désignes la vérité

Celle de la continuité

Et plus encore tu m’offres l’immense cadeau de voir toutes ces portes

Qui nous permettent de traverser les âges

Portes Passages

De l’Un à l’Autre


de l’Autre



« Ce n’est pas fini!

Regardes autour de toi et tu verras …. »


Éternel Amour Vie

Esher, Jeudi 19 Octobre 2006

Merci Duncan. Sabine