Monday, October 23, 2006

Duncan Tree

Duncan Tree
Duncan Tree
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Dear All,

I've been trying to send over a few pictures taken on Saturday in Taban next to Duncan's flat in Budapest, where we planted a tree to remind all of us of Duncan's eternally optimistic spirit: called Duncan Tree. Maybe one day in the forthcoming weeks - as we all said - we shall install a bench next to the tree to get a chance to sit out there and have a quiet chat with him....

Thanks for coming on Saturday. Although it was a slightly unusual "ceremony" I believe it still felt a moving and uplifting moment. I hope for those who couldn't make it but would've liked to be there - Saturday - the pictures will give a chance to share this little event with us and Duncan Tree.

Hopefully with Josh's help we'll be able to upload these pictures on the page shortly. The picture Duncan 043 is the block of flat where Duncan used to live and the balcony above the one where a person is sitting on used to be his balcony from where if he'd look out he would see the tree.

Unfortunately I do not have everybody's email addresses that were there Saturday. Can you please let them know that the pictures will be on the web page shortly.


Erika H. Szabo


Blogger Dan said...

I love the idea of a Duncan Tree. Please draw a map. Next time I visit Budapest, I would like to go and hug it!

7:17 AM  
Blogger Adele said...

It's still a bit small to hug (but it will grow!) - if you know where Duncan lived, it's very easy to find: just in the Taban opposite his house on Attila u., on the left-hand side, where there is now some green grass... It's a small maple, which will have red leaves in autumn, at least from next autumn; it's supposed to grow to between 4-7 metres in I don't know how many years... (well, Duncan lived in that apartment for 13...)

8:10 AM  

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