Monday, October 23, 2006

Message from Kenyan journalist

This is a message from an ex-participant who was trained by Duncan in Nairobi.

I was saddened to learn of the death of Duncan Shiels. Please pass the following message to the family. I met Duncan on two occasions in Nairobi when he came to co-run a couple of Reuters Foundation courses which I participated in. I got the impression that he was an enthusiastic and dynamic journalist who inspired most of us on the course to push the limits in our professional lives. He taught us valuable skills in handling statistics. He answered our questions and encouraged us. And he had a keen sense of fun and humour which helped a great deal. I retain a song he wrote after the first course last year which I believe captures his attitude towards life and people. He composed it about the Nairobi course to be sang to the tune of Louis Armstrong's Wonderful World and sent it through to all of us who attended the course. At this difficult moment I am sure Duncan would want all of us who met him to celebrate his life and remember the moments he shared with us.
Duncan Miriri


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